We specialize in purchasing Hallmark gold and gold bullion for our clients for investment, arbitrage, collateral, safe keeping, h.o.d.l.ing, and other specific needs.

We purchase gold at competitive prices, vault, store, transport and liquidate at our client’s request, and all while keeping the highest levels of confidentiality for our elite clientele.

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Han Huang

Mr. Huang brings 20 years of investment, analytical, technological, and leadership experience, including over 15 years of Wall Street investment experience as a hedge fund strategist, credit derivatives market-making trader, and risk manager.

Mr. Huang was a senior risk manager for the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), one of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, with hundreds of billions of dollars under management. Specifically, Mr. Huang managed risk for tens of billions of dollars in ADIA’s private equity, venture capital, and hedge fund portfolios, and reviewed and risk-rated every new fund investment.

At ADIA, Mr. Huang used his professional software experience to build a risk system that captured thousands of position-level risks in ADIA’s hedge fund portfolio. This empowered ADIA to fire hedge funds who strayed from their investment thesis. Mr. Huang built a private equity cash flow risk system that helped ADIA better manage its private equity and venture capital portfolio. Mr. Huang’s impactful risk-return analysis and risk management resulted in ADIA allocating billions more to hedge funds and private equity, because ADIA felt empowered to safely harvest the diversifying returns.

Prior to ADIA, Mr. Huang was a strategist at global macro funds such as Moore Capital and Fortress Drawbridge, as an assistant portfolio manager and market analyst. Mr. Huang was a UBS credit derivatives trader, making markets in emerging market CDS. Prior to Wall Street, Mr. Huang had over 4 years’ experience as a software developer for Merrill Lynch, NASA Goddard, Kodak, Cruise.com.

Mr. Huang received his B.S. in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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